Gqerberha, 6070


Your one-stop water harvesting and pool cover solution in Gqerberha and surrounding areas

Make sure that your water tanks are secure & safe! ✅
– Gutters should not be able to fall out easily.
– Lids should be secured to prevent small animals and bugs from falling into your tanks.
Call us for professional installation of your water tanks and gutters, you won’t regret it!

When the heat goes up, so does water consumption. 🥵
Know your water tank levels at all times with our Water Level Gauge!
This way you can avoid running your pumps dry and take preventative measures where needed.

Our preferred pumps are Dab pumps! 💪
Why? We’re glad you asked! They’re:
✅ Quality Pumps
✅ Energy Efficient
✅ Silent
Let’s set up your water tank; pump & filter today!
For rainwater harvesting system installations contact us today.