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A4-Away Service Solutions

Your one-stop water harvesting and pool cover solution in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas


Your one-stop water harvesting and pool cover solution in Port Elizabeth, and surrounding areas.
We cover water tanks, pumps, filters, water level gauges, pool safety nets and covers, as well as gutter and fascia maintenance and installations!

Why Choose us

Boasting with more than 50 years of collective experience and an energetic & light hearted culture (which is always complimented by our customers). A4-Away Service Solutions sets outs to provide an offering that is unmatched in price and quality in the current market. Focused at enabling the private home owner, lessor and lessee’s to finally be able to acquire such amenities though our market leading basket of services and affordability.

“we thrive under pressure and believe that when the going gets tuff, the tuff get going”

What drives us

Recognising the need for and wanting to make such an offering both affordable and accessible to the general public is what motivated me to put our team together. I became frustrated from witnessing all the ill-educated and careless practices and wanted to bring a player into the local market whose workforce was genuinely skilled and service orientated. Simply put: “a company that knows what they are doing, does what they say, and completes the job with meeting the customers expectation’’.


Current Services Listed.

For more information on our pricing and services kindly view the individual services tabs.

Pool Care & Safety nets

Swim pool safety net installations
Garden service, tree felling &refuse removal.
Vacuuming and refilling of swimming pools
Green to blue
Automatic pool cleaner repairs
Filter sand replacements
Pool timers
Leaf catchers
Pump and sand filter replacement
*speak to us about your specific needs

Water Tank Installations

We supply and install a wide variety of
water tanks as well filtration and pump systems for residential, commercial and
agricultural customers.

Contact us today for a free quotation in
line with your specific needs and budget.

“Ours is the price to beat”

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